Seremind is a once daily preparation, containing Silexan – a lavender oil preparation. It has been specially tested and designed to relieve the symptoms of mild anxiety and nervous tension, as well as to help improve sleep quality.


HoneyBLIS is a probiotic lozenge, containing the BLIS K12 oral probiotic in combination with premium New Zealand Kamahi and Manuka honey.
The lozenge soothes and protects the throat, while the BLIS K12™ probiotic supports your immune defences by competing with the bad bacteria to re-populate it with good bacteria.
It contains no artificial colours or flavours and is gluten-free.

Contains bee pollen. Not recommended for children under 3 years.

Bioceuticals Armaforce*

Produced by the practitioner-only brand Bioceuticals, Armaforce is a combination of the herbal and nutritional ingredients Andrographis, Echinacea, Olive leaf, Vitamin C and Zinc. The comprehensive formula has been scientifically developed to provide relief from and decrease the duration of upper respiratory tract infections, colds and bronchial coughs.

Durotuss Children’s cough syrup 2 years+ *

Contains two active natural ingredients that are aimed to help boost the immune system and to relieve and soothe coughs and chest congestion.

It contains no sugar, colour, gluten or alcohol and comes in strawberry or orange flavours.

Strawberry Kiwi Hydralyte*

Scientifically formulated to combat dehydration by restoring vital electrolytes. Dehydration us common whilst travelling, and due to vomiting and diarrhoea.

Available in forms ranging from ready made drinks, effervescent tablets, sachets and ice blocks. The newest flavour stocked is Strawberry Kiwi.

*Always read the label. Use only as directed.

*If symptoms persist consult your Health Care Professional.

*Incorrect use could be harmful. Use only as directed.

*Vitamins do not replace a balanced diet. Vitamins only assist if dietary intake is inadequate.

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