Get your COVID-19 vaccination at Blue Cross Pharmacy

Blue Cross Pharmacy is pleased to announce it has been selected as an authorised community pharmacy to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations to the community.

This is great news for our patients, and indeed for everyone in this area, as it means there is an easy and very accessible way to get vaccinated. We all want to get our lives back to being as normal as we can and that is only going to be possible if we have the vast majority of the population vaccinated. Getting vaccinated helps protect you from the virus but it also helps to protect those around you.

We are very pleased to be included as part of the national vaccination rollout and recognise the importance of getting as many people vaccinated as soon as possible. The pharmacist administering the vaccination at Blue Cross Pharmacy has undergone the same training as doctors and nurses and are fully trained for the rollout.

You will need to make two bookings to ensure we have sufficient stock and that the second dose can be followed up.

Make a booking at or call Blue Cross Pharmacy on 9554 9002 to make a booking or for more information