Living with Diabetes

This month contains the National Diabetes week, running from 14th July and until 20th July. Keep a close eye out for our facebook page for updates during the month about signs to look out for, minimising further health conditions and even dietary ideas!   Although, currently, there is no cure for diabetes, it does not […]

Staying healthy this winter

As winter sets in the temperature drops, the days get shorter and often our enthusiasm to go outside and be active drops along with it – we become less active, we can end up eating more and alongside this winter brings increased chances of getting sick. As such we at Blue Cross Pharmacy have put […]

Skin Health

Your Skin plays many roles in your overall health. With the help of sunlight it synthesises Vitamin D, a necessary vitamin that promotes bone health by helping calcium be absorbed. It is the first layer of defence your body has against the outside world, providing a physical barrier to protect you against microbial invasion (bacteria,fungus, […]