Skin Health

Your Skin plays many roles in your overall health. With the help of sunlight it synthesises Vitamin D, a necessary vitamin that promotes bone health by helping calcium be absorbed. It is the first layer of defence your body has against the outside world, providing a physical barrier to protect you against microbial invasion (bacteria,fungus, […]

Flu Vaccination – Myths and Truth

Myth: The Flu Vaccine gives you the flu. Fact: It is not possible to get the flu from a Flu Vaccine, the vaccine itself only contains a small dose of inactivated/dead virus, it contains no live virus at all. A small fraction of people can get symptoms similar to the flu, such as short lived […]

Regular Health Check Ups

A regular health check up is important to detect any early signs of health issues. They help to identify any emerging issues, assess any future risks and encourage you to maintain or improve your current lifestyle through exercise or diet. Common health checks for adults include; Health Checks for your heart, Blood pressure Blood tests […]