COVID-19 Updates

The health and safety of both our customers and staff take precedence in this health emergency. We are hard at work to ensure you can access all your healthcare needs, and thank you for your understanding.

Currently all pharmacies have received direction, from the Australian Government, to provide no more than 1 month supply of medications. This is to ensure fair and equitable supply of medications to all customers.
We are also experiencing a large increase in the number of prescriptions presented, and ask for your understanding if wait times increase

Over the counter shortage
There is a current shortage of hand sanitisers, face masks, tissue paper, cleaning supplies, paracetamol products and ibuprofen products. These items are all being sourced as quickly as possible, but be aware sales of each item (when they are available in store) are limited to 1 per person until supply issues stabilise.
We ask that you only attempt to purchase such items if you have an immediate need.

Delivery services

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Blue Cross Pharmacy is offering free local delivery for medications (conditions apply). Please be aware that will try our best to provide a reasonable delivery timeframe, but we are currently experiencing exceptional workload increases in store.

COVID-19 resources
We encourage you to refer to the Department of Health and World Health Organisation for the most up to date health advice.