SwissCare Disposable 3Ply Facemasks*

Sold in packs of 10, these masks are easy to breathe in, with a comfortable ear loops.

To apply, make sure to clean your hands first, then hold the mask by the ear loops. Place one loop around each of your ears, mold the stiff edge around your nose and pull the bottom to cover your mouth and chin.

Zovirax duo*

NEW treatment for cold sores!

It’s clinically proven to help prevent a cold sore blister when applied at the first tingle and speed up healing time if the blister develops. Apply at the first sign of a cold sore tingle, bump or itch for the best results. The sooner you apply, the better your chance of keeping a blister or scab from forming.

Bioceuticals Armaforce*

Produced by the practitioner-only brand Bioceuticals, Armaforce is a combination of the herbal and nutritional ingredients Andrograhis, Echinacea, olive leaf, Vitamin C and Zinc. The comprehensive formula has been scientifically developed to provide relief and decrease the duration of upper respiratory tract infections, colds and bronchial coughs.


Swisse Nutra Uri-Tract Pro*

A practioner only formula with 3 key ingredients; Vitamin D, Cranberry and Garlic. It has been designed to support urinary tract health and function as well as protecting against free radical damage.



Seremind is a once daily preparation, containing Silexan – a lavender oil preparation. It has been specially tested and designed to relieve the symptoms of mild anxiety and nervous tension, as well as to help improve sleep quality.


*Always read the label. Use only as directed.

*If symptoms persist consult your Health Care Professional.

*Incorrect use could be harmful. Use only as directed.

*Vitamins do not replace a balanced diet. Vitamins only assist if dietary intake is inadequate.

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