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For more information about any of our services come into Blue Cross Pharmacy and speak to our Pharmacists.


Open 7 Days a Week – 7am to 10pm.

Covid-19 Vaccination

Covid-19 Vaccinations are currently available, you can book online by Clicking Here

Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine initial 2-dose course are available for those who are 12 years and up.

Covid-19 Moderna Vaccine initial 2-dose course are available for those who are 12 years and up.


Boosters are now available for those aged 16 years and up, in either Pfizer (16+) or Moderna (18+) vaccines.

Covid-19 Pfizer Paediatric Vaccines are available for 5-11 year olds.



Do you have trouble managing your medications?

Have you recently started a new medication and want to know more about it?

A MedsCheck provides a one-on-one consultation with a Pharmacist in the Pharmacy to learn more about your medicines and improve your use of your medicines. You will be provided with an accurate and detailed list of all medications. This can be given to other Doctors and Specialists that you see so that they know exactly what you are taking.

Home Medicines Review (HMR)

Do you have a complex list of medications?

Do you feel that you take too many tablets?

Your doctor can refer you for a Home Medicines Review (HMR).

This is a “step up” from a Medscheck and involves a comprehensive review of your medicines. It is completed in your home by an accredited Pharmacist on referral from your Doctor.

The review will help you have a better understanding of the medication that you take and allow time for the Pharmacist to answer any questions you have about your medication.

Dose Administration Aids (commonly known as Webster Packs)

Do you ever forget to take your medicine?

Do you accidentally miss doses?

Dose Administration Aids may be just what you need.

This service provides you with all your medication (including any vitamins or non-prescription medicines) in a  weekly dosing pack. They are packed by a Pharmacist and have a detailed description (colour, shape and markings) of all medications on the back of the pack.


Medadvisor makes medication management easier by organising all your medications and scripts on your smart phone or tablet.

Medadvisor connects to Blue Cross Pharmacy to provide automatic details of your medication, scripts and repeats.

It can remind you when you need to take each dose, fill your script or see your doctor for a new script.

Come into Blue Cross Pharmacy and provide us with your email address and we can get you set up.

Certificate for Personal Leave or Carer’s Leave

Blue Cross Pharmacy can provide a Certificate for Personal Leave or Carer’s Leave for 1-2 days as per the Fair Work Act 2009 if deemed suitable by our Pharmacist.

Pharmacists can only issue certificates in relation to illness or injuries they are professionally qualified to assess.

If our Pharmacist feels that your injury or illness is more serious, then you will be referred to our adjoining Medical Centre.

The fee for this service is $25 per certificate.

Diabetes Australia Agents

National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) is an initiative of the Australian Government and is administered by Diabetes Australia.

Blue Cross Pharmacy provides blood glucose test strips and pen needles for insulin pens at the NDSS subsidised price.

To register for NDSS please ask your Doctor to assist you in completing a registration form. Copies of the form are available from Blue Cross Pharmacy.

Vaccination Services

Blue Cross Pharmacy offers a range of vaccination services.

Blue Cross Pharmacy provides Covid Vaccinations, Flu Vaccinations and a range of travel vaccinations.

To make an appointment go to https://www.medadvisor.com.au/Network/BlueCrossPharmacy or click here. If you need help making an appointment please come in store or call us on (02) 9554 9002.

Equipment Hire

Blue Cross Pharmacy has both underarm and forearm crutches in different sizes available for hire. The cost is $15 a week plus a $45 refundable deposit.

We also hire out nebulisers for $20 a week plus a $100 refundable deposit. We only have a few nebulisers available for hire so we suggest that if you need it for more than 2 weeks then you may need to consider purchasing one.

Blood Pressure Checks

Blue Cross Pharmacy offers FREE blood pressure monitoring and advice on maintaining a healthy blood pressure. We have an automatic blood pressure monitor with normal and large cuff sizes.

Our Pharmacists can measure your blood pressure and provide advice on simple lifestyle changes that can help improve your overall health and reduce your blood pressure.

Baby Advice and Scales

Blue Cross Pharmacy has experienced staff on hand to offer support and advice to new parents.

In addition, we have baby scales available to help you track your baby’s development and make sure they are feeding well.

For further information regarding the safe use of medications in pregnancy and breastfeeding, call MotherSafe Monday–Friday 9am-5pm on 9382 6539 (Sydney Metropolitan Area) or 1800 647 848 (Non-Metropolitan Area).

ParcelPoint/ Hubbed

Blue Cross Pharmacy has partnered with Hubbed/ParcelPoint, Australia’s largest network of convenience-centric parcel collection and return points.
Hubbed places local stores at the heart of online shopping by providing a convenient alternative to the post office. Now customers can pick up and return their online purchase at Blue Cross Pharmacy to save time and money.

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