Living with Diabetes

This month contains the National Diabetes week, running from 14th July and until 20th July. Keep a close eye out for our facebook page for updates during the month about signs to look out for, minimising further health conditions and even dietary ideas!


Although, currently, there is no cure for diabetes, it does not mean you can’t live an enjoyable and active life – the best way to do this is to learn about the condition and how to manage it. Whether that be extra care taking when organising travel or what to look out for when you are down with the flu, it will make certain things more challenging, but it does not need to define you or prevent you from living life!

Managing diabetes will differ depending on the type, but all of them require keeping your blood glucose levels in a healthy range to prevent short and long-term complications. To effectively manage the condition it is important to keep in touch with your health care team, from your GP and Pharmacist to your dietician. They will help you to monitor your diabetes, adjust any medications you may need to take to treat it and to lower the risk of further health problems – from heart disease to nerve damage and more.

Common steps to take that will minimise the risk of further health issues include maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced and healthy diet, not smoking, staying active, and to continue to monitor your blood glucose levels!