Regular Health Check Ups

A regular health check up is important to detect any early signs of health issues. They help to identify any emerging issues, assess any future risks and encourage you to maintain or improve your current lifestyle through exercise or diet.

Common health checks for adults include;

  • Health Checks for your heart,
    • Blood pressure
    • Blood tests or ECG
    • Risk factor monitoring (weight, age, family history, etc)
  • Bowel screening,
    • Bowel test kit
    • Colonoscopy
  • Screening for Bone health,
    • Bone density test
    • Family history
    • Risk factors
  • Screening for Diabetes risk,
    • Family history
    • Weight and lifestyle
    • Age
    • Other medical risk factors (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc)
    • Smoking

In addition to these;

  • Men should also get regular check ups for prostate cancer,
  • Women should have regular cervical screening tests and breast cancer screening, among others.

Further check ups can also be required depending on your medical and family history, for example skin cancer screening. It is recommended that people be aware of their skin and check with your doctor if there are any changes, this can lead to the doctor taking a sample or referring you to a specialist.

The month of March is being used to raise funds for melanoma research, with the Melanoma Institute Australia organising Melanoma March! Check out the Blue Cross Pharmacy facebook page for more information.

Check ups can also involve health professionals other than your GP, such as dental check ups, eye tests and hearing tests.

It is also strongly encouraged to discuss your immunisation history with your doctor to keep up to date.

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*This article is not a substitute for independent professional advice, nor should it be used as a substitute for your own health professional’s advice. Consult a qualified healthcare professional before making medical decisions or if you have questions about your individual medical situation

It is intended to be used for general information and educational purposes only