Skin Health

Your Skin plays many roles in your overall health. With the help of sunlight it synthesises Vitamin D, a necessary vitamin that promotes bone health by helping calcium be absorbed. It is the first layer of defence your body has against the outside world, providing a physical barrier to protect you against microbial invasion (bacteria,fungus, etc), protecting you from your environment (temperature, water, sunlight) and helping you to maintain your body temperature.

As such it is important to keep you skin healthy, which can be done in a variety of ways

  • Protect against UV rays and sun damage; Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen regularly, slap on a hat, seek shelter and shade and slide on some sunglasses. It is also recommended to avoid tanning beds/sunlamps.
  • Be aware of your skin, take notice of any unusual skin marks, moles or tags and speak to a doctor if you notice any odd changes (colour, size, shape, pain/itch) to your skin. This can include a rash, a mole changing colour or size, excessive dry skin (dermatitis) or anything else new that worries you.
  • Avoid dry skin; Make sure to drink enough water during your day, use gentle moisturisers, lotions or creams and when bathing/showering use warm, not hot, water.
  • Managing your lifestyle factors is also important. Stress management, ensuring adequate sleep, eating healthy and not smoking will also help your overall skin health.