Staying healthy this winter

As winter sets in the temperature drops, the days get shorter and often our enthusiasm to go outside and be active drops along with it – we become less active, we can end up eating more and alongside this winter brings increased chances of getting sick. As such we at Blue Cross Pharmacy have put together our top ways of keeping healthy in the cold months ahead!

Keeping Active

It is always tempting to stay inside and rug up during winter, but staying active is truly important for your health. You can definitely stay active with indoor activities, from indoor swimming pools, to gyms or yoga studios! There are many ways to maintain your activity levels in winter as the temperature drops, and it is always a good idea to try and plan these activities out in advance.

This also includes being aware of and lessening the time you sit, by getting up and stretching or doing small walks regularly.

Preventing illness

Colds and Flu (among others!) are common in winter, and there are steps you can take to limit their impact on you. Proper hand hygiene, avoiding close contact with those exhibiting flu/cold symptoms, covering your mouth with a tissue when you sneeze/cough and making sure you get your yearly flu shot will all play a role.

Staying warm

From making sure the house is at a comfortable temperature (close doors/windows to prevent draughts, draw curtains, etc) to wearing appropriate layers depending on the day, staying warm will help you stay well this winter!

Eating healthy and staying hydrated

Get plenty of nutritious food, such as fruits and vegetables, to maintain your health and your immune system. Maintaining proper portions for your meals and avoiding overeating in winter is also very important.

Make sure to stay well hydrated and try to get at least 1 hot meal a day.

Sleeping well

You should never underestimate the impact that having a healthy sleep cycle has on your health, and consequently the negative effect that not maintaining it can bring. Not getting enough sleep can effect your immune system and make you more susceptible to catching a cold or the flu, especially in these colder months.

Getting regular health check ups

Finally, even if you are feeling fit and healthy, it is always a good idea to maintain regular visits to your GP for health check ups. Prevention and early treatment is always the best step for maintaining your health!